September 28, 2023

A modern society where the environment surrounding children is changing, making life richer and more convenient. However, on the other hand, the opportunities for children to move their bodies are decreasing, and problems such as deterioration of basic physical strength and athletic ability are becoming issues.

Therefore, it is important to incorporate a lot of “exercise ideas or exercise play” that moves the whole body to play in early childhood when the mind and body are remarkably developed. Exercise play is not only fun, but also a physical activity that has a great impact on the physical and mental growth of children.

This time, we will introduce plenty of ideas for exercise play that you can enjoy at nursery school and at home according to age!

Early childhood is a period in which physical functions, including motor function, develop significantly. That is why it is important to experience and acquire various body movements by incorporating exercise into play, that is, by practicing “exercise play” in daily life.

  • Aim of exercise play
  • By receiving various exercise stimuli through play, you will learn how to move your body and control your strength.
  • Experience various movements such as “running”, “jumping”, “rolling”, “hanging”, “passing through”, and “avoiding” in play, and learn those movements.
  • Develop flexibility, instantaneous power, balance ability, etc. to enhance physical sensation
  • Feel the comfort and enjoyment of moving your entire body
  • Foster the motivation to move yourself
  • Acquire communication skills and sociality while enjoying exercise with friends
  • Increase self-affirmation by connecting successful experiences to confidence that you can do it.
  • Recommended exercise play for newborn baby
  • Easy development of motor function in 0-year-old children:
  • Can lift the head
  • You can move your neck left and right
  • Can open fingers
  • The neck is settled
  • Turn over
  • Throw your legs out and sit down
  • To sneak
  • Do high.
  • Change toys and have a meeting
  • Can stand up and rest for a few seconds
  • Baby gymnastics” that encourages physical movement

Lay the child on his back and let his limbs stretch and contract, and his hands open and close. It is a play where you can feel the joy of moving your body while enjoying interacting with adults.

  • Jump with your knees

Support the child’s side and let it jump on the nursery teacher’s lap. You can make it bounce finely, jump high, and so on … You can enjoy the strength of the movement. As you get used to the feeling of jumping, you will be motivated to move your legs.

  • Mat up and down

Make a slope by putting another mat on the rolled mat. Let’s play up and down the hill with high and high while watching so as not to fall from the side.

  • Recommended exercise play for 3-year-olds
  • Girl illustration

At the age of three, basic body movements will take root and you will be able to play more advanced games. In addition to playing one-on-one with a nursery teacher, it is a good idea to actively incorporate group play to experience the fun of exercising with friends.

  • Easy development of motor function in 3-year-old children
  • Upside down the slide
  • Riding a tricycle
  • You will be able to hang on the horizontal bar for a while
  • You can do it.
  • Towel climbing:

An adult holds a sturdy towel firmly around his chest, and a child climbs it while using the adult’s body as a foothold. You will be able to train both your stepping power and your hand power at the same time.

  • Rodeo pretend to train your core:

First, we will straddle the nursery teacher who has children on all fours. The nursery teacher should move back and forth and left and right to deliberately shake it off. The child’s core is strengthened by clinging to it so that it does not fall and by balancing it well.

Let’s change the speed and width of shaking according to the development situation. It is also important to try to prevent injuries by laying a mat on the assumption that it will fall and establishing a system that can assist the surrounding nursery teachers.

  • Tissue catch that enhances the sense of balance:

Peel off the two layers of tissue and blow on it. The child catches at the right time while chasing the whereabouts of the falling tissue while making irregular movements! Since you need to move your body flexibly, you will gain a sense of balance and instant power.

  • Daruma-san fell:

I approached the demon who was facing behind me with “Da-ru-ma-san …” and stopped moving so that the demon who looked back at “Falled!” Wouldn’t find it. .. Although it is a classic game, it is a perfect game to develop a sense of instantaneous power and balance.

  • Recommended exercise play for 5-year-old children

A 5-year-old child who understands the rules for playing with friends and can enjoy playing in a group. You will be able to perform fairly complicated movements and become stronger, so you will be able to play well with exercise equipment.

There are individual differences in what you can and cannot do, but let’s praise the attitude of “trying to do it” and the attitude of repeatedly taking on challenges, and assist as necessary.

  • Easy development of motor function in 5-year-old children:
  • You can move forward with a horizontal bar
  • Fly the vaulting box
  • You can jump on both feet with a skipping rope
  • You can go up and down the jungle gym and climbing rods
  • Good at throwing and catching balls
  • You can cross
  • Ping-pong ball that cultivates a sense of balance:

Carry it with a ping-pong ball in the ladle so as not to drop it.

When you turn back at the relay point and return to the starting point, touch the baton. The team that made a round quickly wins! You can change the difficulty level by adjusting the size and depth of the container that holds the ping-pong balls, so once you get used to it, you may try to make it more difficult.

  • Fun arrangement! Playing tag in the bridge state:

Tag is one of the exercise games that requires endurance and instantaneous power. It’s fun to play normally, but with some ingenuity, it will help you develop your body.

First, from a sitting position, you put your hands behind you and take a bridge-like posture with your tummy lifted. In that state, move with your limbs and touch the opponent with your feet.

  • Dodgeball:

It is a game in which you can instantly determine the speed and direction of the ball passing by, escape without hitting it, or catch the ball well and throw it into the opponent’s position.

You can run backwards, change the direction of your body instantly. You can play with your body dynamically, and you can play the game in collaboration with your friends, which will help you acquire communication skills and sociality.

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