September 25, 2023

Promotion may require you to be prepared to sacrifice your family, your companion, and the enjoyment of your personal hobbies. Depending on the corporate culture, the enthusiasm to “dedicate” life to work may be required.

Therefore, you need to be someone who is determined to be willing to devote your life to work. Also, in order to be promoted, it is essential to be “recognized” in the workplace. Promotion becomes familiar by becoming a person recognized by people in various positions within the organization that is the workplace.

  • 4 characteristics of a person to be promoted

In order to be promoted, it is important to have a sense of “utilizing” the relationships in the workplace. The workplace is made up of people of different generations and with different values and personalities. You need the flexibility of your mind to overcome these “walls” and build relationships.

You may also need the generosity and patience to reasonably build smooth relationships with the managers, bosses, colleagues, and juniors that surround you.

In a workplace composed of people with diverse values, in order to proceed smoothly, if you can devote yourself to “lubricant”, you have one of the requirements to be promoted. I can say. In some company organizations, there are workplaces that have the appearance of a “battlefield” where various personalities collide.

In the workplace is scraped, there are times when you are required to have a “depth of bosom” that allows you to build a relationship of trust.

  1. Good listener

In order for daily work to proceed as planned and to produce results that can contribute to the achievement of the company’s business goals, it is essential that human relationships be

established in the workplace.

In a workplace consisting of people with various values such as managers, bosses, colleagues, and juniors, it is important to be a “good listener” in order to build smooth relationships.

In order for you to be a good listener, you need to be open-minded and tolerant, and be able to act as a “lubricant” for relationships. People who can behave well will be able to open up a promotion path by being trusted by others.

In order to build relationships in the workplace, it is important to accumulate good listeners through daily consideration, patience, and tolerance.

  • Listen to your boss

It can be said that it is especially difficult to build relationships with bosses in the relationships in the workplace. There are cases where it does not match because it is a type that is not good for you and your boss.

A person who can suppress one’s personal feelings and maintain a normal mind regardless of compatibility can be said to be a person who can listen to the story of the boss. The basis of relationships is to have a sincere “listening” attitude to the other person’s story and a flexible mind and forgiveness.

In particular, when receiving work instructions from a boss, the enthusiasm for the work is reflected in whether or not the boss can listen to the story

The degree of seriousness in work is reflected in the attitude of listening to your boss, so if you listen carefully, you will be able to earn the trust of your boss.

In order to listen to your boss’s story, you must have a relationship of trust with your boss. In order to build a relationship that is backed by a relationship of trust, it is necessary to be a good listener with daily consideration, patience, and tolerance. 

  • Patience

Relationships in the workplace can be said to be a collision of individuality between people with various values and work views. Just by expressing your thoughts and opinions to each other, you will not be able to get together and work will not be able to proceed smoothly as planned.

Sometimes we also need to give in to each other. In my daily work, in the process of working with my boss, seniors, colleagues, and juniors, when I face a difficult situation and have conflicting opinions, I sometimes need a coordinator.

Those who can act as coordinators must have a patient side.

  • Have a patient skill

As you work on a daily basis, you may be forced into a difficult situation due to changes in the environment surrounding your workplace.

You may be forced into a position where you have to accept the strict instructions from your boss and survive while you are in a situation where it is difficult for you to get the job done as planned.

It can be said that those who can overcome it with calm judgment and leadership when they fall into the harshness of the board have patience.

  • Producing results

The business world is a world where results are what matters.

Even if the means to achieve the purpose is difficult, it will not be evaluated unless it produces results.

The result is everything.

Those who can be promoted have the leadership and appropriate judgment to calmly assess the situation and seek the best means to achieve their goals even if they are forced into a difficult situation.

In order to achieve good results, it is necessary to build relationships between employees who work together.

  • Appears in the numbers

Work does not matter how difficult it is on the way to its goal

The resulting numbers are all.

Numbers such as monthly sales and product sales volume generally evaluates employee performance.

  • Polite

In order to be in a position to be recognized in the work situation, it is not possible to be recognized by a manager or superior only by having excellent work knowledge and skills.

In the process of proceeding with work, there are many situations where it depends on human relationships with people in various positions such as customers and managers of trading companies.

In order to build a pleasant relationship with people in various positions, it is important to acquire proper etiquette according to the situation.

Those who can be promoted have the ability to communicate naturally with polite behavior.

Being able to use polite language and behavior, depending on the position of the person you interact with in your work situation, can deepen mutual trust and greatly advance your business

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