September 25, 2023

Currently, due to the influence of “Coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the employment situation of each company is undergoing major changes. An increasing number of companies are introducing and utilizing remote work to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. However, unfortunately, many companies have not been successfully introduce and have a negative impact on their profits. There is a need to find ‘What is the best work from home company?’ in current scenario.

Successful introduction of remote work not only suppresses the effects of coronavirus, but also has a great advantage in that it can promote flexible working styles in the future. Currently companies and sectors succeeded in remote work include:

  • IT industry:

Business aspects are relatively easy to solve, and there are some parts that can be solved at the discretion and ingenuity of the on-site manager. While the work of an IT engineer is easy to do on its own, it can also be isolated. If all goes well, there is no problem, but there are risks such as lack of understanding of specifications, lack of recognition, and concealment that work is not progressing. Trusting members is important, but checking progress is important. Basically, it is not so different from the conventional work style, but the point is to set tasks on a daily or weekly basis to make it easier to manage progress. In addition, staying at home may lead to relaxation, so it is advisable to devise time management and lifestyle habits, such as meeting while looking at your face on a regular basis.

You might think that you do programming on a personal computer, but many people are working as a team to develop large-scale software used by companies.
Long ago, a large number of people gathering in one office for programming and other work also mainly did software development. In recent years, multiple companies have started to jointly develop via the Internet, and for the past 10 years or so, there have been many opportunities to collaborate with overseas, called offshore.

When thinking about making game software, people with various skills in each process, such as thinking about planning, creating specifications, writing graphics, and programming, form a “team” to complete the game.  managers”.
When programming as a team in this way, a distributed development mechanism allows each person to work simultaneously over the network using their own personal computer.

We use various communication tools such as video chat Zoom and Slack, which are often used in university lectures and are familiar to everyone, so that teamwork can be carried out smoothly even in distributed development.
In addition, software also has blueprints, so there are mechanisms to support distributed development, such as those that everyone can see and Git for running programs created by teams together on the cloud.

In the software industry, such “remote team work” has been carried out even before the outbreak of COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection). With the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 infection, the government and local governments have encouraged working from home, and I feel that we will further expand our remote work efforts in the future.

  • Key points for introducing telework in the manufacturing industry

Even if it is introduced to all employees at once, it will be difficult to shift to telework at the same time because some jobs are suitable for telework and some are not. The important thing in introducing telework in the future is to introduce it in stages. For example, it is better to introduce from the “indirect department” first. Unlike on-site work, if you have a personal computer, you can work outside the office. The next easiest to introduce is “sales”.

You can also work at home, in a cafe, or in a rental space on days when you don’t plan to visit your business partners, so you don’t have to go back to the office every time you close. This alone will lead to operational efficiency.

  • Banking industry:

Some banks have been promoting telecommuting even before the new Corona era. In 2014, UniCredit of Italy offered some employees the option of working from home one day a week as part of cost savings. Initially there were technical problems and psychological resistance, but in the end it became so popular that thousands of people participated. The bank has begun offering many employees two days a week from home as a permanent option, regardless of the new Corona.

Many office workers will welcome similar options. A recent survey by Morgan Stanley across a wide range of European industries showed that 27% of employees are willing to accept remote work three to four days a week.

  • System engineers:

Among engineers, there are web engineers, mobile engineers, infrastructure engineers, etc. Including engineers, IT relationship PC because it can work if they have a net environment. Many people work remotely because these jobs can be done anywhere as long as there is a working environment.

Since engineers need advanced technology, some companies hire them on the premise of remote work in order to secure excellent human resources from all over the world.

For example, if you love problem solving and happen to have travel bugs, software engineers are one of the best nomadic jobs for you. The person in charge of this can create software for a variety of companies, from inventory tracking systems to financial calculators. There are a wide variety of project types to choose from.

Not only can this be done from anywhere in the world, but it usually has a considerable effect. According to statistics collected by Glassdoor, the number of people crushing this profession ranges from 630,000 to 133,000 annually. All you need is a laptop to get started and a VPN to protect your client’s data. 

Creative occupations such as designers:

Web designers and graphic designers can work anywhere if they have a production environment, so many people work remotely. For designers, finishing the product is more important than how much time they work, so it is easy to adjust the amount of work per day by yourself.

Many designers also work at home in an environment. For example, if you have the skills to handle Adobe Illustrator, you can work on your PC alone. Designers can also be said to be suitable for remote work, as meetings with clients can be made using video calls such as email and Skype.

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