December 3, 2023

I think everybody has once thought, “I think there is a better job …”

In particular, when you are stuck in a job, feel a rut, or when you don’t really feel that you are growing through your work, you can see other jobs shining.

There are many jobs in the world. The “good job” you envision will surely be in it.

However, when I vaguely search for a “better job” and change jobs, I always get the idea that “there is a job that gives me more ability” and “there is a job with better conditions”, endlessly. You may have to change jobs repeatedly.

What kind of work do you feel is a “good job”? Some may say that it is a “highly paid job”, while others may say that it is a “work-life balance job because they want to spend more time with their families and hobbies”. Some people cite “feeling rewarding and rewarding” as a condition for a good job, while others say that “a job that the world can be proud of and that requires qualifications” and “a job where technical skills are things like a job”. There may be.

In other words, each person has their own definition of a good job. The big thing is to move on to the act of changing jobs after firmly observing your own feelings and ideals, “what makes a good job”.

First, ask yourself what a good job is, and list the conditions as you come up with.

  • Difficult to find a job that meets all the conditions

Speaking of greed, the ideal “good job” is “good salary, good rest, responsibility and rewarding”.

However, finding a job that meets all of these requirements can be a daunting task. Let’s prioritize and narrow down the conditions mentioned earlier, and search for a new job that meets the conditions that cannot be transferred.

  • There are two main ways to find a new job.
  • When searching for a new job using the job change site

If you use a job change site to search for a company to change jobs on your own, you may move more and more while looking at the information indiscriminately, and you may not know what you are looking for.

Set the required conditions such as area, occupation, annual income, working hours and treatment to narrow down the information, limit the number of applicants to some extent, and then pass on the company information.

  • When using a job change agent

A job change agent who can consult with job seekers from the beginning is also recommended for those who are not sure what a good job is for them. As you discuss some conditions, you may find your priorities. Since the job change agent has information on “non-public recruitment” that is not published on the job change site, there is a high probability that he / she will find a job that matches his / her wishes.

  • Let’s think concretely about the conditions of “good work”

The definition of “good work” is different for each person, but it seems that many people generally refer to “work with a good salary,” “work with little overtime,”. Let us see what kind of work each has.

  • Work with a good salary

No matter how fulfilling and interesting the work is, many people will not be able to say that it is a “good job” unless they can obtain the income that matches their work. Except for those who work hard to think about future success rather than the current income, such as the start-up period of a venture company, and enjoy themselves from the beginning, “salary” determines the reward. It is a fact that it is a key factor.

  • Work with little overtime
  • Service business at stores

Typical jobs with little overtime are service businesses at stores with fixed business hours, such as gyms, pharmacies, and shop clerks. However, there are many shops that are open on Sundays and holidays, and the number of holidays tends to be small. The types of jobs that have less overtime and more days off each year include sales positions that require less time for direct bounces, such as sales of medical device manufacturers, and general clerical positions that often return on time.

  • Stable work

The first thing that comes to mind as a stable job is probably a “public servant.” It’s not that easy because you have to take and pass the exam, but it’s worth the effort if stability is of utmost importance.

If you want to achieve both stability and high income, the difficulty will be quite high, but “doctor” and “pharmacist” are also options.

In the end, “rewarding” is important!

So far, I have been studying “what is a good job” from various levels. Were you able to find your own conditions?

For example, even if the first condition for a good job is a high salary, if you are not interested in what you are doing, it will eventually become worthless.

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