December 3, 2023

Interviews are said to be on an equal footing with both the company and the recipient, but they are still in the position of being selected. First, let’s win the offer and get the option from the company side. For that purpose, the technique is still effective. The technique is not an exaggeration, but a little effort, but the impression it gives to the other party is still quite different.

Please understand the basic attitude toward the interview and prepare for the interview.

  • Let’s reconfirm the submitted work history from the position of an interviewer

Your resume or resume will be the focus of the interview. Please read it carefully. Then, let’s create a scenario so that you can accurately and accurately convey your experience to the other party.

  • Questions that will surely be asked
  • Why did you think about changing jobs?
  • Why did you choose that company and apply?
  • What are the skills that can be used as an immediate force now and what can be contribute after joining the company?
  • (Can you clearly communicate the benefits of hiring you?)
  • What do you want to do after joining the company?
  • How do you want to improve your skills in the future? What are your future goals?

Each answer should be relevant. The ability to think logically depends on whether or not you can explain it logically.

For example, if you say “I want to do this kind of work” in answer 1, the content and 5 must match.

  • Role-play for possible questions

If possible, write on a piece of paper how to anticipate the possible questions and how to answer them. It can be scribbled or bulleted. Are there any inconsistencies in each answer? Isn’t the content passive? Is it the content of the logical structure? Let us analyze objectively and think about countermeasures. I often hear cases where my head becomes blank due to tension during an interview, but this work can prevent it. The content I wrote is quite memorable.

Let’s practice aloud once. Thinking in your head and expressing it are different issues. Pay attention to the way you speak, the wording, your posture, and your facial expressions.

  • If possible, it is more effective to find and practice role-playing opponents.
  • If you have trouble finding a practice partner, please consult your consultant.
  • Be sure to read the publicly available company information

Be sure to read the pamphlets and website just before. Keep in mind the size, sales, number of employees, characteristics, products handled, service content, business partners, recent news topics, and who the president is.

It is a good idea to make a note in advance. You may look at the memo if you get permission from the other party during the interview.

(However, you should avoid asking about salary and vacation in detail at the first interview.)

  • Don’t be late! If unavoidable, take prompt action

Be sure to reconfirm the date and place of the interview, what to bring, who to visit, etc. the day before, and if possible, write it down on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Be sure to check the contact information in the event of an accident at that time.

Please search for the transportation route and time required to reach the interview site and make sure you arrive 10 minutes in advance.

Especially if you are on duty, you may be asked to work just before departure, you may be required to do something, or you may be late due to an accident such as a train delay. If you are a little late, be sure to contact the company and our consultant.

That time,

  • Where are you now
  • What route do you take to the interview site?
  • Estimated time of arrival.
  • 80% ready for the interview

Here are some tips for a successful interview. The first point you should know is that it is said that “80% of the interviews are ready”. The interview isn’t as sweet as saying “I just have to tell what I was asked on the spot.” The interviewer also because it’s desperate attempts to adopt the best talent even a little

is to become nervous to hear well the trouble of interview, but also make good preparation, you can relieve the tension. Just keep in mind that it’s natural to be nervous during an interview. It’s natural to be nervous because we talk to people we meet for the first time in a serious game.

So, rather than trying to find a way to stay calm, spend more time preparing for the interview, which will determine 80% of the game. That is the shortcut to success. There are several things to prepare, so I would like to introduce each case. Now, let’s start the “Interview Winning Method” course!

  • What are the tips and winning methods for the interview?

The first preparation is to know the “company to be interviewed” and to know “self”, as the phrase “If you know him (enemy) and you know yourself, there will be almost no hundred battles”. ..

First of all, let’s do thorough corporate research. What is the company’s main business? What is the service and what is its strength? How many employees do you have? What is your vision for the future? You should collect all the information that can be collected on the Internet or in newspapers. Also, if the company’s business is smartphone application development, it is important to try it yourself.

One of the reasons I get nervous during an interview is because I have to talk to someone I don’t know, but when I prepare, I turn it into someone I know. When you get to know a company well, “what you want to do at that company (motivation for aspiration)” and “what you can contribute (self-promotion)” naturally emerge.

To put it the other way around, it is unnatural to be able to show off both “motivation for aspiration” and “self-promotion” without knowing the company well. If you can talk about what comes out of your heart at the interview, you will not be weirdly nervous.

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