September 25, 2023

I think there are many people who say, “I want to work while living abroad” or “I live abroad”. The dire need to answer the question of ‘Can I live abroad and work remotely?’ is need as more and more number of people are inclining towards remote jobs.

  • You can work without fixing the location

It can be said as a benefit of remote work as there isn’t any restriction of location. If you work in a normal office, it is natural to sit and work in the same place at the same company every day, but if you work remotely, there are no restrictions on where you can work as long as you are connected to the Internet. Not only can you work at your desk at home, but you can also work on the go if you can carry it with your laptop. 

It can be difficult to get to a distant company, especially if you have children who can’t take your eyes off, or if you have a family member who needs constant care. Even such people can work from home, so they can realize flexible work styles that suit their family circumstances. Also, even if you are not feeling well and cannot go to work, if you can do remote work, you can do only the minimum work at home, so you will not bother your workplace. This is also a great advantage for the management side.

If you are not at home, you can also work in public facilities such as cafes, parks, and libraries. When working in a cafe or public facility, leakage of confidential information and network management are essential, but if you can clear such security aspects, you can work on the go. In some cases, it is possible to introduce remote work before and after returning to the parents’ home to extend the period of returning home, or to work while traveling to various areas. Of course, it is a major premise not to neglect work, but being able to work flexibly according to diversifying lifestyles is a big attraction of remote work.

  • What if I want to work remotely?

Compared to overseas, the number of domestic companies that have introduced remote work is small, but it is still increasing little by little. Most companies that have introduced remote work have a limited number of days, such as 3 days a week or 10 days a month. An increasing number of companies are adopting full remote, but there are still few.

If there is a company that supports some remote work on the recruitment site or adopts full remote, let’s actively consider applying. There is also the option of working for an overseas company, but the hurdles are considerably higher than when working for a domestic company. Since meetings and the like utilize chat and videophone, it is essential that the company is fluent in the language used in business, and it is also necessary to consider the time difference of working hours.

  • What about remote work introduction cases at overseas and foreign-affiliated companies?

In the United States, a developed country of remote work, many companies have adopted remote work, and it is reported that the number of fully remote workers reaches about 20% of the working population. Furthermore, about 50% of people use both remote work and office work, and it is said that half of them choose remote work.

In Europe, remote work has been promoted since around 2000, and it is said that about 50% of companies have introduced remote work, and about 20% actually work in remote work. Even companies that have introduced remote work have many restrictions and conditions to actually use it, which gives the impression that it is difficult to use. In this regard, foreign-affiliated companies tend to introduce it.

  • Summary

With remote work, you can work flexibly according to diversifying lifestyles. You can work from home or out of the office, depending on your personal circumstances. Occasionally, it is possible to go to work and communicate with each other to improve the work. Also, if you are a company suffering from a shortage of human resources, it will help to secure human resources who cannot commute due to various reasons such as childcare, long-term care, and too long commuting time. Thus, you can work remotely as long as you have favorable conditions.

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