December 3, 2023

You who have finished creating a website. So what’s the next step? It’s about getting access to your website. It’s time to focus on the influx of traffic to your website!

For beginners, there is too much information and it may seem dizzying.

It can take some time and effort to get traffic to your website successfully, but it’s possible if you keep the points.

1. Email Marketing

Basic step in bringing traffic to your site. In other words, you may also receive various e-mail newsletters every day. Email marketing is a great way to quickly get your customers informed about your latest blog posts, sale information and more. It’s also a reminder to remind your customers of the existence of your business.

E-mail newsletter creation and transmission function. With Shout out, you can create professional, well-designed e-mail newsletters that announce sales, new products, or blog posts, and instantly broadcast them to your customers. There is also a function that allows you to check the analytics of past newsletters, so you can also understand which issue of the e-mail newsletter was responsive.

Subject: The subject of the e-mail newsletter is an important factor that influences the open rate. Try to make the title interesting and eye-catching to your readers.

CTA: Place a CTA button in a clear position for your newsletter to direct them to your desired page .

2. SEO: Start with the basics of the website

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is defined as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to your website.” By selecting the right keywords and optimizing your site content, you can improve your site’s ranking by search engines.

A good party planner will ensure that the party venue is perfectly prepared before guests arrive for a nice rendition. It’s about preparing drinks for each person, setting a lot of inflated balloons on the ceiling, and preparing a snack menu that meets the guest’s dietary restrictions. If you compare this to SEO, you’re a party planner, your website is a party venue, and your search engine is your guest. Before you publish your site and collect traffic, make sure your website is ready to be “rated by Google.”

First, let ‘s read this SEO basic guide . After that, please see the points of SEO12 here . Did SEO feel like a labyrinth with no exit? SEO Wiz is free to use and offers you the right plan to step by step to improve your site’s SEO. For example, it will check for you if the heading part of your site is set correctly, if the keywords on the page are correct, and if alt text is added to the image .

There are many paid services out there for SEO search engine optimization. But these services aren’t doing the work you can’t do. SEO is a “free” method that anyone can work on. The internet is full of information you can learn about SEO. The blog is one piece of information, and it’s a great place to collect tips for your site’s SEO efforts.

3. Use of social media

Now that we are living in 2021, it has become difficult for us to avoid SNS. Which SNS business are you using for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.? No matter who your target customers are, you’re sure to be somewhere on social media. There are ways you can reach your target customers through social media paid services (more on that later), but by creating content about your business industry, products, services, and more, you naturally reach your target followers. You can also get it. You can also support your customers and engage with them through social media, helping your community grow.

If social media is an extension of your business, the two need to be tightly coupled. For example, if you are posting a new blog, share the blog on your SNS to increase the number of site visitors. Place your website link on your SNS profile and the SNS icon on your website for easy mutual access.

4. Add a blog

You may have heard that adding a blog to your website has a positive effect on SEO and traffic inflows across your website . A bot search engine is crawling the site and analyzing new information one after another. In short, updating your blog on a regular basis tends to make this “bot” visit your website frequently, index new information, and improve your search engine rankings. .. Therefore, the presence or absence of a blog makes a big difference.

5. Use guest posts

Have you ever wanted to liven up your blog with unusual content for your readers? Instead of doing in-depth research and writing articles, look for bloggers to post as guests on your site. Why? Your readers will be exposed to fresh content from a different perspective. And the followers of guest bloggers are likely to visit your website. The same can be said for guest follower sites. It’s a great way for you and your guest bloggers.

6. Submit your information to web directories and forums

Web Directory : It’s a bit old-fashioned, but it’s like a yellow page in a phone book, and it’s one of the basics of content marketing. Doing so will categorize your information and add it to the relevant directories, making it easier for search engines to find it. It’s a basic but excellent method.

Forum: A membership bulletin board. By setting up a bulletin board, you can share information and exchange opinions through posting articles and comments. It’s also a great place to showcase your website links. Don’t write meaningless URLs or write them so that they aren’t treated as spammers.

7. PPC Advertising

All of the methods introduced above in this article can be done at no cost. Finally, I will introduce paid advertisements for your reference. The most well-known paid ad is PPC ad (Cost per impression). Sometimes referred to as CPC (pay-per-click), both are Internet ads that are free to post and are charged for the cost of the user clicking the link.

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