September 28, 2023

Making money with blogs, even if it is says that you can make money with blogs, many people may not have a concrete image. Therefore, this time, I have compiled an article on the theme of making money on a blog so that you can concretely imagine making money on a blog.

  • What is blogging?

“Blog” is an abbreviation for “Weblog”, which is similar to a home page. There are two types of “blogs”, “personal blogs” and “business blogs for companies.” Generally speaking, “blog” usually refers to this “personal blog”.

A blog is a medium that publishes records and information composed of images and sentences on the Web. There are no rules on how to write a blog, and the author is free to write.

The author is called a blogger, and the person who earns only by running a blog and writing a blog article is called a professional blogger.

  • How to write a blog?

Some are the point you must follow to write an attractive blog.

  • Being from the reader’s perspective.
  • Decide the target of the article to write.
  • Determine the goal to be achieve by writing the article.
  • Do not use difficult expressions as much as possible.
  • Add headlines and bold letters.
  • Do not overuse “I think” and “I feel like”.
  • Do not make a sentence too long.
  • Be sure to update one article every day for beginner bloggers.
  • The composition is decide before writing the blog.
  • How to earn from blogging?

There are two main ways to earn income from blogs.

  • Advertising revenue
  • If you own the product, sell it

Advertising revenue is a mechanism that places an advertisement in the blog and receives a reward when the advertisement is click or the product is sold.

It is as simple as introducing your product on a blog and getting readers to buy it.

  • Click advertising (AdSense)
  • Affiliate advertising
  • Pure advertising (after quite late)

It is best to earn money from a blog that uses all three.

  • Click advertising (AdSense):

Google AdSense is famous for click-type advertising. This is the advertisement that appears on the site.

To put it simply, click-type advertising is a mechanism in which you get a reward when an advertisement placed on a blog is click. When someone clicks on an advertisement placed on your site, you will receive advertising revenue of about $1.

For Google AdSense:

  1. Place Google AdSense ads where bloggers want to advertise on their blog
  2. Click on an ad with a blog reader
  3. Google pays bloggers a click fee, advertisers pay Google advertising
  4. In the case of Google AdSense, Google will optimize the displayed advertisement.

It automatically optimizes the ads that Google puts out like this.

There is no need to explain the goodness of the product or match the product with the characteristics of the blog.

In addition, click-type ads are easy to handle for beginners because “reward = income” will be generated as long as you click.

However, it is generally said that the probability that this click-type ad will be clicked is about 1% of the people who visit the blog.

  • Affiliate advertising:

While click-type advertising was a mechanism that rewards only by clicking, affiliates are a performance-based reward type that rewards if it leads to results such as “purchasing a product” or “applying for a service”. I will.

To know how affiliates work, you need to know about “ASP (Affiliate Service Provider)”.

  • What is ASP (Affiliate Service Provider)?

Simply put, it is like an intermediary that acts as a bridge between advertisers (such as companies that want to advertise) and people who sell products (such as bloggers).

The affiliate system is as follows:

  1. Many advertisers ask ASP to advertise
  2. From the many ads registered in ASP, bloggers choose their favorite ad and post it on their blog.
  3. Readers click on blog ads to sign up for a product or service
  4. ASP pays bloggers performance fees, and advertisers of successful ads pay ASP advertising costs
  5. If you are an affiliate, you can choose which ads to post on your blog.

However, unlike pay-per-click advertising, you will not be reward unless you apply for the product or service of the advertisement (if results are not generate).

For this reason, it is necessary to make efforts to introduce the product in the blog and sell the product.

Affiliates pay more than click-based ads, where you get paid just by clicking, because you have to make an effort to sell your product or service on behalf of the advertiser.

  • Pure advertising :

As the site becomes more popular and the number of visitors increases, companies may ask, “Would you like to place an advertisement for $100 a month?”

This is called a pure advertisement, but since it has become a popular site, you do not have to aim for it from the beginning.

  • Sell ​​your product on a blog:

People who own their products can make money by introducing their products on their blogs and selling them.

You use blogs to attract customers.

In this case, the product is not limited to products, but may be skills such as programming technology and design.

For example, you can post your design on a blog with the feeling that “I can make such a design” and solicit design requests.

If you have a blog that attracts a certain number of people, you can also make such income.

  • Benefits of earning money on your blog:
  • Low initial investment & maintenance cost
  • You can expect the income that comes in automatically
  • Blogs become assets and remain forever
  • Summary:
  • You can earn extra income from ads posted on your blog
  • The recommended way to write a blog is to write a blog article on your own site
  • It is possible to earn extra income from a blog, but it takes time.

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